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Hi, I'm 15 and 4 days ago I had sex with my boyfriend. It was my first time ever. We did it with a condom. Finished up, but then had sex a few more times without a condom. In between that, he peed and stuff. He didnt cum ONCE that entire night and I'm not exactly sure about pre cum but I've been reading about it. I was going to take the morning after pill but I didn't round up enough money in time, because it's Thursday at 12 a.m. And we did it on Sunday from 4-7 a.m. Is it too late to go get the pill? Also, how long should I wait to take a home pregnancy test? Please, I desperately need answers. Thank you so much!


Hi Stressed,

It's late for Plan B to be very effective.  You really need to take it within 72 hours, after that the effectiveness decreases rapidly.  There can be some benefit up until 120 hours but again, it's not that effective by then.  Why?  Because depending upon when you ovulated and if the egg was fertilized it may have implanted by then.  Plan B does not STOP a pregnancy. 

You need to wait AT LEAST two weeks from when you had sex before you test.  If you are pregnant it takes some time for the hormone levels that the tests looks for, hCG, to rise high enough to be detected.  Use your first morning urine, your wake up pee, when you test for the best accuracy.

If you have a "normal" period then you are likely NOT pregnant.

Hope it helps.