Hi, my name is David and I have emphysema and need a lung transplant asap. The thing is I had a very bad experience I caught my wife sleeping with who I thought was my best friend after that my life was awful. Started to drink then one night some one gave me the drug of drugs heroin. I almost died many times and deep inside I feel I don't deserve to live. I left Vancouver for Edmonton and got on methadone after a year I got off it and got a good job and wow life was grand until my x-wife called me to inform me my daughter died when I asked where the funeral was she told me I missed it ,that she had died a month ago. My first thought was I needed to get high, But I stopped myself and got back on methadone. I know I shouldn't tell you all this ,to just ask my question but I felt you needed to know I changed over 15 years not a thing no booze,drugs or cigarettes . The lung transplant team said before I can get a lung they want 2 thing #1 off the methadone #2 gain 16 lbs. Any body know how to gain 16 lbs in 5 months?