Hey guys, I love this forum and you guys have helped me with a lot of things. I kinda wanted to give back on something that I have discovered that was really troubling me. I feel like majority of people here are at good points in their lives but if it can help one person that had the same problem as me, then I'm happy. Every winter I enter this state as what I refer to as a slump, I have no energy, motivation, almost like a depression. But I had no reason to be depressed. I was actually really happy at where I was in life and pickup. Then everything came to a halt for no reason.

I realized that this had nothing to do with what was happening in life, but the chemistry of my body changed. This started after I started smoking weed freshman year. I usually thought that this was just S.A.D. which is basically where you get depressed in the winter because of insufficient sunlight and decreased movement. This was part of it but here was a much bigger problem. There was something that happened at the core of my problems. Before I smoked weed, I had no idea what depression was. I was full of energy and happy all the time. I actually was very popular and had a girlfriend. After smoking weed daily for a year, I basically had to relearn everything and I had a bunch of nagging problems. I learned that weed basically messes with your dopamine receptors and screws with your brain chemistry. It also decreases hormonal regulation which explains why I started breaking out.

This all made sense because weed overloads your system with dopamine and you body naturally copes with this by making less dopamine. Low dopamine means low energy and motivation. This also explains why I have less energy in the winter, I excercise less. If you mess with the neurotransmitter balance of the happiest person in the world and make him have low dopamine, he no longer will be happy. I found out that depression has to do with low serotonin. You might think that your problems are just who you are, but I realized it's all scientific. I highly recommend all you guys to go check out this article that explains about neurotransmitters, how it has to do with how you feel and perform, and how to treat it. There's many more that I recommend to research by yourself by searching "rebalancing neurotransmitters" but feel like this covers it all. I also highly recommend check out the mood cure. Just search mood cure PDF on google. I have checked out chase amante's article on depression and I recommend anyone dealing with depression to check it out, but it worked temporarily. When your brain and body chemistry is messed up, willpower and ideas help temporarily. Rebalancing your brain/body chemistry, repairing your dopamine receptors, and increasing your serotonin level gets to the root of the problem and fixes it permanently. This is why excercise and sleep is so important for a happy life since it helps us cope with stress by raising our dopamine/ serotonin levels. Which are two of the most important things for feeling "good." We all want to feel good all the time, but few people actually achieve it. Meditation, sex, money, food, excercise, girls, etc. all help but it can be done scientifically by getting to the root of the cause, which is rebalancing neurotransmitters in your body will let us feel good for eternity.

How to get back to Normal after Drug Abuse:

1. Find out the effect the particular drug has on your bodyWeed overloads your body with dopamine which damaged my dopamine receptors. So I basically searched repairing dopamine receptors after weed.

2. Research how to fix it.Drugs affect the chemistry of the body and brain, which is why people have depression and anxiety. It's not that they are genetically weak, they have neurotransmitter imbalances. Once you find out the affects of the drugs, which most likely has to do with some type of body/brain chemistry or neurotransmitter imbalance, research how to scientifically fix it. Amino acids, supplements, and nutrition help tons.

3. Keep researching and read all the reccommdations I made below.Read the first article because it has everything that you need.

4. Admit to yourself that you're not in a good place right now, but are willing to get better. Admitting you have a problems is the first step to getting better. Don't try to say it's not that bad or try other quick fixes. It will help temporally but will eventually sink you deeper into your hole. When I didn't feel good, I didn't try to try some quick fix to make myself feel better. You kinda have to let it soak it and let it happen. Whenever you don't feel good it's not because you suck or it's just "life." Your body is trying to tell you there is something wrong and needs fixing. When you let it soak in, you build up motivation to fix it subconsciously. Whenever you want something in life, you have to be motivated subconsciously. You will eventually find apt he solution to the problem like I did to my neurotransmitter imbalances.

5. "Distract" yourself with a hobbyDo something that makes you better as a person and makes your problems seem small. Do sports or something that will be vigorous excercise. This doesn't mean to "forget" about your problems, I still want you to work vigorously to fix them. But this helps you not to go crazy and be happier. What I recommend to you guys is what I did to help me cope tremendously with the effects with drug abuse. What I did was get into pickup and read articles of Chase Amante. Getting girls and learning how to attract them is one of the most important tools in life.

I was actually contemplating about sharing this info since very few guys know about this website and I don't want every guy in the world stealing my girl. That was my initial reaction. But I remembered when I forgot how to be with girls and how much pain that gave me. How I used to be very depressed and hated myself. If someone gave me this information early, it would've actually saved my life. If someone kept this information to himself, then I still would be suffering, not knowing what to do. If I knew someone that had information that could've helped millions of guys but kept it to himself, then I would've hated him. I would not have any respect for him. How cruel of a world would it be if everyone just cared about themselves and didn't help anyone? I think that's a real hell. The purpose of life is helping others and especially when they're suffering. I don't want this world to be full of suffering, that would make me suffer too. If the world was happy, then I would be happy also. If everyone was happy and were high value people, that would help me tremendously when I need help. Next time you see someone suffering and you know you can help, do something about it. Think about it. Would you rather live in a world where everyone is suffering and depressed or in a world where everyone is happy and high value? I think you know the answer. The world is suffering, so let's make it better.

For girls: just research how to be attractive to guys. What I think is that guys are very untuned to looks. So work on improving that. Many guys don't know how to lead, so be confident, put yourself out there, have clear intentions in what you want, isolate them and make a move. Lastly but most importantly, you want to tone your gluteus Maximus and wear leggings haha.

6. Patience, it will take time.Don't try to rush this, you want to be very careful in your approach. Don't do any more damage by doing what you're not suppose to. Play it safe and talk to your doctor about taking neurotransmitter tests.

7. Don't think about the why me.Just know that this thing did happen and most cases it was probably inevitable. Just worry about what you have to do and can do. I recommend turning to science and physiology. They're the things that will never fail you. They are facts and will explain everything about the why and how. Beliefs might or not be true. You will never know, but science is concrete.

Just know that things get better year by year, how you feel right now will be totally different how you feel a year from now. If you do the right things like getting out of your comfort zone and trusting the process and science. Read all the links in this post. Do me and the next generation a favor and tell that kid next to you that drugs will ruin his life and why. Just a simple single post will affect hundreds. Keep going solider!

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