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So it's been exactly 26hours now without smoking pot, i've been getting rid of al my weed stuff, all the accumalted hash in my pipes, my roaches, got rid of them all and even though i know i don't got no more pot in my room, i think because i've been searching like mad, the weed dealer lives 3 blocks away from me so it's not a hard at all to get but i don't want to buy anymore or smoke, it was hard for me to sleep last night, i was really sweaty, god i still anm and i've smoked 3 cigarretes so far today , well i've been smoking weed for 4 years now i'm a 21 year old and i've done some bad decisions like dropping out of highschool at 16, i started again later but the point is im still doing it, i need 2 more months to finish but i look around and see people moving on with their lifes and i don't want to be some bum, i want to surpass myself and be able to give everything my family needs, well i started smoking about a gram a day when i stared, recently i've been smoking more than 10grams a day i usually smoke blunts or joints...and i would get the munchies HARDCORE. I've stopped smoking because i don't want get all fat and stuff, i want to get p***y so yeah, but this anxiety, is it good that i smoke cigarretes? i don't want to replace an addiction for another. I used to do besides the dope,alcohol, coke, meth, extasy, pills, prescription medicines, lsd, shrooms and peyote, i've left all of those without much effort but weed, damn it seems like the most inoffensive but it's the one i left for last since it's the hardest for me.. but damn... what can i do for the anxiety? besides smoking or eating i don't want to go back to that life no more please.. i'm tearing up as i'm writing this, i want to go beyond my limits not be another burnout...i already did A.A. , didn't help, stupid religious cult who replace whatever addictiong you have with tobacco, coffee and cookies. Guys and gals lend me you're long will i feel this withdrawal..i seem to be so pissed for everything right now, i mean i get a pop up and i literally scream at my computer, thanks for reading.


You are doing the right thing. You will need to be patient. Withdrawls from cannabis for heavy users can last a long time but will decrease with time. You may have ups and downs but the symptoms will decrease. Are you smoking high grade? If so you really gotta be patient. Is normal to feel irritable, it´s normal insomnia, nightmares, sweating decreased appetite, anxiety (paranoia and is possible) and depression. Depending on how strong is your weed you can feel nausea or flu like symptoms like muscle pain and stomach pain. For some 4 weeks and everything is over but for a heavy user of high grade can take many months to the drug to leave the body. Withdrawal has it´s peak in the first month (sometimes first week, sometimes second or even third....depends on how much you used, potency, body fat, etc) and will decrease after that in the next weeks. In the third month you will probably be almost back to normal. 

Try to occupy your mind, anxiety is the worst symptom for me. Weed withdrawal makes my mind race. So try to think positive and don´t think too much about the symptoms because if you think too much the symptoms will get worse. Think that everything will pass and focus in good things to do like exercises, socializing with people who are not high all day, working, studying.

Cangratulations for your decision and good luck!



Cannabis works on many parts of the brain.

First, it raises melatonin by about 4000%, so get some 3mg melatonin pills

Second, it releases dopamine, so get some L-Tyrosine to help rebuild your dopamine.

third, it also works on serotonin in a number of ways, Tryptophan will help rebuild it, also ginger is a serotonin antagonist so it will be good for when you feel sick or have stomach pains. Bulgarian rose oil essential oil with water rubbed on the skin will help also.

Fourth, it works on your Cannabanoid receptors, you have CB1 and CB2, Acetaminophen also works on thos receptors as well, but much less and its also toxic on your liver. But small doses might help with withdrawal. Echinacea also does the same thing.

Also, your body has its own natural marijuana compounds called anandamide. When you smoke weed it mimicks anandamide and fills the receptors. When you eat chocolate, it slows the breakdown of Anandamide and allows it to stay in your system longer, making you feel good. so when withdrawling, eat chocolate and eat lots of healthy fats, because your body turns fat into Anandamide.

Hope this helps