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Hi all,

Yesterday I started my gluten free rest-of-the-life diet. And what do you know? I now feel awful. Got stomach cramps, severe headache, and I'm constantly hungry no matter what I eat! I thought it would be unpleasant but this is too much.

Are these normal symptoms when someone trying to quit eating gluten? And if so, how long will they last? What other difficulties I can expect from gluten withdrawal? What can I do to ease symptoms?

Any insight will be the most appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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Hello, Betty.

Gluten withdrawal is causing very much unpleasantness to the person. Especially in the first few days during which your body will suffer both mentally and physically. 

But you must remember one thing; you don't need to return on gluten. That's only body defense mechanism. Your body is trying to restore to its normal state.

You can fight against it with: hydration, by using sea salt, taking probiotic, and supplementing iodine, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids. 

Just be persistent and believe in yourself. Of course, it will take time until you learn to live without gluten, but you will be happy with yourself at the end. 

Best of luck!



Hey Betty,
The symptoms you are suffering are common for gluten free diet.So try to be patient and do not switch to gluten again.Once your body is habitual of gluten free foods, then there is no problem.

Good Luck.