I want a permanent solution for my manual breathing problem? I am 16 years old, recently i was having uti and my brother used to think that its in my mind that i cant void my bladder Completely. So he told be give attention to ur breathing or while u breath while urinating, do same while pooping and all.. now i was finw for next 10days but later once i was studing i had to breath on my own manually. I get concessiouus about my breathing. Am fine when i see tv , go hangout with my friends but when am alone or studing or urinating or pooping i get concessious about my breathing and i have to Breath on my own manually due to this i cant starin a little even also while pooping as i have to take deep breath on my own and push and hardly can empty my bowels due to this problem , while urinating also i get conscious about my breathing and i havw to Breath long on my own while urinating and then the flow interupes a bit some times last urine remains itself in my uretra as i have to Breath manually if i stop i wont be able to relax and how could i able to void then. Please help me out, am fine all day when i watch some tv, while eating , hangign. Out with friends but when i get alone or think of myself congo am into it. It rarely happens to me when am busy or get entertainment but not most of the times. And yes i sleep good i wake up good good sleep. But am suffering due to this while pooping and urinating and studying ... Manual breathing! Please help me out am 16 years old boy and its hitting me hard. Please mam or sir what has to be done on this i started think ing that there is no solution cure for this defect plz help me. I Cant strain a bit using this when i get fart like feeling to starin i have to breath and starin and i get a focus on my nose and nose pains mildly and i fart. Plz help me am unable poop properly even. I was living a quality life before. I didn't do anything bad to any one but still this thing keep hitting me hard. In my coaching classes i hardly remember this but when am alone urinating or STUDYING i get into it plz help me mam/sir