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I am a twenty three year old male who lives in south Florida and I enjoy long distance running. I do not smoke, drink, or take any kind of drugs except an inhaler. I have had a slight breathing problem for the past four years but nothing that has ever sent me to the hospital or even to the doctor. The day before I went to the hospital, the situation I am about to describe to you, my job at a walmart freezer warehouse ended. The ware house job was dusty and in -20 degrees fahrenheit conditions. About two and a half months ago I had to go to the hospital because I couldn't catch my breath. I could get air into my lungs but the air didn't satisfy me. they gave me Ativan but that didn't help. I then went home and stayed on ativan for three days and stopped eating completely for three days because I thought I might be allergic to something but that didn't help. I then went to another hospital where I stayed for three days. They gave me an albuterol inhaler and said that I had media stinal air and that it would go away on its own. I then went home and tried the albuterol inhaler and my breathing problem died down after a few hours. A week and a half later I had to go to the hospital again for another breathing problem and they said to make an appointment with my doctor and that I was not in serious enough condition to stay in the hospital. I saw my doctor and he prescribed me the qvar inhaler. I have been taking the Qvar inhaler for the past couple of months and that has kept me out of the hospital, but I still do not feel well enough to exercise even a little bit or do any manual labor job. Caffeine seems to aggravate the breathing problem. I went to the lung doctor a couple of weeks ago and he said that the albuterol inhaler doesn't help much with mild asthma and to just keep taking the Qvar inhaler. Does anyone have similar experiences or suggestions as to how I can cure my breathing problem? How long does Qvar take to completely solve breathing problems? Does albuterol take hours to start working? Did working in the walmart freezer warehouse cause this breathing problem?


After two and a half months on qvar I have just been prescribed Spiriva respimat and montelukast aka singulair. My breathing problem is 90% relieved. I am much better now.