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On Tuesday my chest started hurting. 2 days later I started having trouble breathing. My chest hurts more and it becomes even more difficult to breathe when I am lying down. I have asthma, so I do get chest pains now and then but I've never had trouble breathing. I've been taking my asthma meds but they don't seem to be helping. Yesterday morning, when I woke up, my breathing was quite bad so I went on the Nebuliser. It seemed to help a bit. I'm think something else has caused this problem, not my asthma. 

I also had a Barium swallow/meal test Tues morn but I don't think this caused the problem either, as I had the problem be4 I had the test. 


hey im a 14 year old girl and i cant breath and have extreme chest pains also im always tired so your not alone. my parents dont take me to the doctors unless i broke something so i have to suck it up but atleast i know im not alone now. i have asthma too but it was gone for a while but i dont know if its back or no:-(