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i've been addicated to hydro for about 4 years and i take about 100mg a day, every time i try to stop i get the obvious withdrawal symptoms.. there is really no way i can stop and work at the same time and i cant get any days off for a long time.. if there anything i can do even take like otc that will help me?

i really appreciate any replies and suggestions... thank you so much :-(


God bless you!! I know what you are going through and it is certainly no fun! Considering your situations with work and all, it would seem to be impossible to get into a detox program (Unless they are good and understanding people and would allow you to do so). That of course is the easiest way. But I, myself am in a similar situation. I wish I could tell you an easy way to do this as I would like to know myself! However, I have had a lot of success and a lot less dependency by tapering off. This is NOT easy especially for the first week or so but it does get easier. Do not try to cut down dramatically as it will probably wind up as a failure. I speak from experience!! 100 Mg per day is a lot to come down from so again, do not bite off more than you can chew, if you know what I mean.
Your will power will still be put to the test so you want to slightly lessen your dosage (Not by a lot). Remain at that level for a week or maybe 2 in your case. Then climb down just a tad more for a week and on and on until you begin to find yourself controlling the Hydrocodone and not the other way around. It is not going to happen overnight so get that thought out of your head completely!! Do not allow yourself to "cheat" because it has been or is a bad day!! That will begin to march you right back up the ladder!!
I know this seems like it will take forever but that is just what your mind and your body want you to think. Be strong!! You can do this!!! Also taking Aleve or something similar to will not be a tremendous help but WILL help some and hey! Right now, you want to take advantage of anything that will be even the smallest of help!!
I wish you all the best of success as luck is not an option here. I have no idea what your beliefs are but just speaking for myself, prayer helps me tremendously! I walk lightly as I say this as I am not sure as to what the rules are for things of that nature!!
Anyway, stay in touch and I KNOW we can both get through this together. Remember, I am not out of the woods here myself!!

Hang in there! I know you can do this!!!!

I care!!


Yes, I have to say that Gary is right.

I am trying to detox myself and having a rough go at the will power part of it because I have bad days and just want to increase my dosage rather than taper off.

In addition to what Gary said: if you have the opportunity to take some time to rest more and not over do it, that is better. My pain gets worse when i over work myself.

Stretching is vital along with some good aerobic exercise to increase my dopamine levels naturally.

Another important piece of advice is to eat a healthy balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits and take good vitamins and minerals. Drink plenty of water.


AMEN Brooke,

I also want to ad this in as this has been a GREAT help for me as I an still not completely out of the woods. This one of those stumble upon ordeals but it works so who cares where it came from, even though I know it is a God thing!!! At my last doctor visit, I told my doctor I was having problems staying asleep and awakening in pain and may as well get up and have coffee. Of course the LAST thing I want to do is take another Hydrocodone and start the ball rolling again and wind right back up where I started. I had asked her for Soma and she explained that the Soma and Hydrocodone was like a double whammie as far as dependency/ addiction.
I had never heard of this stuff but she prescribed me "Baclofen", which would not only help with my sleep but relax the muscles as it is like a lesser form of Soma but non addictive! Wow! Did I hit the jack pot!! Not only does this stuff help me with my sleep and relax my muscles, it actually greatly reduces the urge / craving for the Hydrocodone!!! I have found myself actually FORGETTING to take my Hydrocodone versus looking at the clock and dying for my next dose!!!
I am by no means saying this is a permanent fix but it NO DOUBT makes life alot easier!! :-D !!! Take this stuff with a hot meal and I swear, hours later it will feel like you just had your dose of Hydrocodone!!
I wouldn't tell my doctor that I was asking for Bacoflen to aid in helping my addiction. Most of them would probably prescribe some kind of what I call "whacko medicine" that makes you feel like a zombie!!! Just ask for it by name!! They will probably give it to you considering it is not addictive.
God bless you and all who are hooked on this c**p and I pray that this will be of help!!!! We are in this together my friends!!!

May God Bless Your Day Richly
Gary Dantzler


Thanks Gary,

I feel like I have been alone in this. I can't really tell people in AA because they will think I need to start my "time" over again. If I do that, I will start drinking again and that is far more dangerous (even deadly) for me than this small addiction to Norco. They just don't get it.

Anyway, I am in severe chronic pain and I'm not really sure if i should get completely off of Norco. However, I would like to get off of it and just use it when my pain is extremely bad.

Since I just started a drug for my R.A. that is supposed to eventually get rid of the pain, i'm hoping I won't need it except for in emergencies.

i don't take it to get high because it doesn't get me high. not sure how it does that for some people. i just need energy and to get rid of my anxiety and pain and my current medication just don't cut it.

i really wish i had a local doctor that understood all of this and that i could talk to. I need a doctor that will take Medi-Cal. But I still haven't found one in my area. i live in Torrance, CA, USA.


:-D Hi Brooke!! :-)

No mam, you are certainly not in this alone!! We share a lot in common!! I know I have to choose my words very carefully on this site so I will do my best and just pray that it goes through. ;-)
I am very familiar with AA....Keep coming back!! It works if you work it!! AA is a wonderful program and the 12 steps are actually a compressed version of The Bible..... :-) This is where I have to be very careful not to be denied!! I "was" an alcoholic for 35 years but prayed for healing and received it. Drinking never even crosses my mind any more, glory be to God!! I don't go to meetings anymore as I am not allowed to share my testimony as it may "stir up the nest" if you know what I mean.
Even with this in mind, does not erase the fact that you and I share the same thing which is the root of it all!! We both have "addictive personalities." We are the hardest people on earth to try to please as there is no such thing as good enough or leaving well enough alone. In my drinking days, I would always find a half can of beer I was drinking earlier after I had opened another one. Why? You know...It really didn't matter how buzzed I was, I just could NOT walk past the fridge, knowing beer was in it and I couldn't bear the risk of not having a can available or even trying to recall if I already had another one opened!!
Where am I going with this?? Convenience and availability are our worst enemies!!! The same applies to the medicine chest!! I am sure you probably go through the same thing I do from time to time. Walking past the medicine chest for us is like a kid walking past a candy store with a pocket full of change. The kid already has 5 bags of gummy bears at home but he or she is not about to just pass by without picking up another bag, right? XD For us, even though we are not in a lot of pain, that magnet lures us to the "almighty" orange bottle with every excuse from "So I am an hour early. I will just put off my last dose an extra hour. (yeah right)" to I will be more friendly or sociable" when in reality, we are just looking for a better buzz. (which in my case males me feel yucky later)!! :-(
I guess where I am going is this; I am a cigarette smoker as well. Used to, the phone rang..I grabbed a smoke! I got a new e mail, I grabbed a smoke! And on and on. This was so convenient for me a while back as I bought them by the carton. Just get one out, fire it up and I am good to go! Now that I have started rolling my own, it is a horse of a different color. I have to actually make an effort to sit down and roll it myself. In full I am smoking WAY less than I used to. Whereas I use to spend over $160 a month just to smoke, I now spend about $40. Know where I am coming from!?
I know this may sound crazy and you probably don't want to do it and we both know why, BUT; Try giving your bottle / prescription to someone you trust and loves you. Telling them you need a pill is not nearly as convenient as walking past the medicine chest and grabbing a pill!!!
This is kinda like AA. It only works if ya' work it!! With this being said, the Bacoflen really does help!! It is not a cure but ANYTHING that helps is worthwhile in doing!! Ya' know!?
Also, for anxiety, Valium is another thought. I know the DEA has made it hard to even get THAT, as harmless as it is. I had to go through a shrink to get it!!! but it was worth it!!! Plus it is a very drug friendly drug.
Brooke, I really wish I were closer to you. I am in Nashville TN. I think we could be a HUGE help for each other, but for now, thank God, at least we have this channel!! As for Medi-Cal, I am trying to get disability SSI and that is like pulling teeth to get thanks to our wonderful economy and "you know who" (care)
Please let's stay in touch. Hopefully we can get each others personal e mail addresses soon. I am not sure if this site will let us but for now, God bless you, hang in there and let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do for you in brother to sister love!!

Forever in His grip