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I'm fifteen and I was just diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Im on synthroid at the moment. My ideal weight is 130-140 and I'm stuck at 180-190. For the past two weeks I've been dieting and exercising regularly and I haven't dropped a pound. I'm not lazy by any means. I'm in marching band and I'm just tired of being called fat. What do I do?


Hi. :-)

Let me start off by saying you are not alone. I was born with hypothyroidism and have battled the weight issue most of my teen and adult life.

If your ideal weight is around 130-140, I am assuming that you are female, and I would hazard a guess that you're about my height (5'2") or a bit taller.

I have come to look at the word "diet" as it is commonly used in the Western hemisphere, especially the U.S., as something of a travesty. "Dieting," in the sense of actual calorie deprivation overall, can lead the body to think it's got to go into starvation mode, something that, genetically and evolutionarily speaking, it knows how to do well. Too well, in the face of increasingly sedentary lifestyles overall. You are in marching band, which is a VERY good thing, both for your physical well-being as it is for your mental and emotional well-being, especially if you love music. :-)

The true meaning of the word "diet" simply involves what a particular creature (two-legged, four-legged, feathered, scaled or finned) eats to sustain their health, their species, etc. Chocolate, for example, can be metabolized by humans, but not by dogs and cats, so one would not include chocolate in the diet of one's favorite furry friend. :-)

Those who eat a "diet" packed with processed, salty, sugary foods are going to have health problems, bar-none, even with exercise.

Those who eat a "diet" rich in orgainc fruits, veggies, whole grains, and moderate amounts of healthy, free-range animal protein balanced with organically raised legumes (soy in limited amounts for thyroid patients) are going to be just fine, especially accompanied with exercise.

Most "low-fat foods" such as mainstream yogurts, include artificial sweeteners in exchange for actual sugars. I do NOT personally advocate intake of artificial sweeteners, as these have been shown to confuse the brain, tricking you into thinking you're not full, so you either end up reaching for sweets, or just overeating in general. Also, there are many folks, like myself, who have headaches if they consume such items, apart from the nasty aftertaste, so I just choose to not cook or eat anything sweet, unless it's naturally sweet like fruit. "Regular" or non-diet sodas often use high-fructose corn syrup, which is not only simply bad for one's health, but they're made from GMO corn, which in itself, has been implicated in fertility issues.

Okay, I think I've said enough about the food part so far. Since you're hypothyroid, I suspect you're having issues with fatigue, at least until you're on Synthroid/levothyroxine long enough for your TSH levels to become normalized. This on top of being a busy teenager is obviously not very fun for you, I bet. I definitely can tell you that caffeine, while temporarily helpful, can wreak havoc on your sleep patterns, therefore wreaking havoc on how well you can metabolize food, no matter how healthy it is. This can affect weight loss and/or gain. Caffeine also dehydrates you, so have a water bottle nearby instead of soda or coffee. Water is absolutely essential for fat loss, if you didn't know already. ;-)

I hope you sign up at this site as a registered user. I'm not a medical pro or anything, but I do read a lot, and have been trying stuff on my own over the last year or so. I've even experimented with reducing my dairy intake just a bit, as folks who are hypothyroid tend to have sinus/allergy problems running alongside. Not a sure thing, but again, it's an experiment. :-)


Blessings,Kat ^.^