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I've been getting blood work done for my Thyroids as once it was 5.5,  had blood work done again and it was 4.5 So the Dr says I have  a high TSH which means I have hypothyroid gland, he prescribed a low dose of Sinthroid but I have not been taking it as I'm trying other means as T-Balance and Thyroid support pills  but the problem is I have been loosing a lot of weight, once in a while get hot flash and sensitive to cold/warm but doesn't  hypothyroidism makes you gain weight?  I'm confused


Symtoms of hypothyroid can vary, so weight loss is not uncommon although weight gain is more likely but all your other symtpoms do fit. If you are hypo, it will really make you feel so much better to take the synthroid.  If you are against conventional meds, I would ask for the natural version which is Naturethroid or Armour thyroid.  I have taken all kinds, I prefer the natural the best but the amounts can be a little unregulated since they come from a pig.  There are truly no side effects from thyroid meds, but there are many things that can counteract the meds like soy products. I am speaking from experience, I have been on every kind of thyroid meds for the last 10 years and recently had to have my thyroid removed due to graves disease.  Its amazing how much the thyroid affects us all, just try to regulate your levels and see a naturalpath if you want to try alternative methods, they do work for some people, just wouldnt reccomond for autoimmune thyroid disease.  Good Luck.