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Hi, i have been hypo for about half a year now and i cant seem to lose weight properly without eventually putting it back on, im on 50mcg of Levothyroxine and was wondering if anyone has the same condition as me who is following a diet plan of some sort with no excerise, as i dont have time for that with college and the coursework,etc Hopefully someone can help me :-)



good day there.

trust me, right now I feel like I am in your skin, since I have the same problems with it. 

it is very important to know what to avoid in this diet program. you should definitely avoid foods that contain a gluten, such are a bread, pasta, beer, etc. 

don't eat anything that has a soy in it - tofu, soy milk.

also, it is not OK to eat broccoli, kale, spinach, cabbage.

if you love dairy products, just like I do, you should learn how to use kefir grains to make kefir at home because that is an elixir of health. 



I to have hypothryoidism, Im on 200 mcg a day . I have had this condition for 4 years and the weight problem is getting worse.They keep telling me it will get better , so they raise the level of medicine.


hi, when you have an underactive thyroid, for sure some diet plans can be extremely helpful. all you need is to have a will and I am sure that you will be ok very soon. It is not like you are going to change your life completely, at all. You just need to follow some simple instructions to get to your aim. Eat more gluten-free foods, eat foods that are naturally rich in selenium, zinc, iodine. Don't forget about your Vitamin B12 intake, for more energy. Chian and quinoa are also amazing things that can help you in solving this health issue. Try, you have nothing to lose and you have so much to get. 




I have about the same problem. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 1999 and have been taking synthyroid .125 mg for the last 6 months to no avail. This is the third time the Dr. has increased the dosage amount. I have yet to find a diet that works without exercise.

Good Luck and keep me posted if you find one.



Hi there I also have the same problem I had my thryoid removed last Oct due to multinodular goitre(the doc said after it was removed it was the size of a large grapefruit) well now my TSH is 1.27 cannot lose a pound and felt horrible the last month so I started taking tyrosine twice daily feel a whole lot better but cannot lose an ounce, I had lost 50 pounds before surgery and would like to lose an 30 but have had no luck and advice would be appreciated.


Hello ladies, i was in 1982 without a thyroid gland and have been taking synthroid since i was first diagnosed. I am 5'8" and I fluxuate between 185 pounds and 210 pounds and I have been as high as .200 with synthroid. There are times when i dont diet and lose 20 in three weeks and times to where i eat once a day and gain 20 pounds i cant really control my wieght either. I cant offer any advice on diet plans but i can advise that you talk to your doctor of possible breakfast foods that you may eat that can minimize the effectiveness of medication.


"Unauthorized Ad" wrote:

To make sure you’re getting enough nutrients, incorporate pumpkin seeds, beans, almonds, soy products, and fish into diet. Encourage faster elimination of food by eating more fiber in the form of whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables. You must stay adequately hydrated.

This 'advert' has really annoyed me! People with Hypothyroidism should NOT be eating Soy products as they contain goitrogens (substances that interfere with thryoid function). Both my mother and I are hypo (she 125mcg, me 75mcg). She once accidently took soy vitamin supplements as she had heard they were helpful with menopause and they really effected her thyroid level until she went to the doctors and he advised her she shouldn't be having any soy!!!

This article is pretty helpful but my best advice is if you are unsure about any foods to ask your doctor. I have found that a diet of mainly fish, salad, soups has really helped me to loose weight in the past.

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I have just been diagnosed with hypo and apparantly my stimulating ? is 22 and should be 4. I am a firm believer in diet and wish to thank the owners of the website for giving me this information. Re soya - wouldn't touch the stuff. Read Phillip Day's Book 'The Shadow of Soya' - scary but essential reading


this plan worked for my mother in law that has been hypo for over 20 years.. she could never loose weight until she started this diet 6 months ago. It keeps you eating smaller meals throughout the day which helps your metabolism. So say you woke up and took your meds at 7 and eat breakfast at 8m you would eat each additional meal at 10a, 1p, 3p, 6p and 8p. She lost a ridiculous amount of weight and I started this diet today. I just came across this post looking for other help and guidance as I have been gaining weight steadily since I was diagnosed. Just cross off the veggies that aren't recommended for hypo patients (broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, spinach and sprouts) as this diet was not created just for hypo people. Hope it helps and GOOD LUCK!

Easy Breakfast
2 Egg White Omelet, 1/2 cup Fruit Salad
Gourmet Breakfast
Spring Omelet Primavera (mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onions & Fresh Basil)
1/2 fresh Fruit Salad
Rapid Results Breakfast
3 Egg White Omelet, 1 cup Greens (or 1/2 cup Grapefruit)
2 oz. Protein A 1/2 cup Fruit A
2 oz. Protein B 1/4 cup Fruit B

MID MORNING SNACK (about 2 hours after breakfast)
Easy Snack
2 oz. Chicken Breast or Turkey Breast & 1/2 cup Fruit
Gourmet Snack
Turkey "Prosciutto" - Turkey wrapped around Cantaloupe
Rapid Results Snack
3 oz. Turkey Breast & 1 cup Greens
2 oz. Protein A ½ cup Fruit A
2 oz. Protein B ¼ cup Fruit B

LUNCH (about 3 hours after snack)
Easy Lunch
2 oz. Chicken Breast, ½ cup Rice and 1 cup Mixed Veggies
Gourmet Lunch
Luau Chicken Kebabs – Chicken Breast Skewers with Pineapple, Peppers, onions & Cherry tomatoes & Ginger Marinade over Seasoned Rice.
Rapid Results Lunch
2 oz. Chicken Breast, ½ cup Rice and 1 cup Mixed Veggies
2 oz. Protein A ½ cup Carb A 1 cup Veggie A
2 oz. Protein B ½ cup Carb B 1 cup Veggie A

MID AFTERNOON SNACK (about 2 hours after lunch)
Easy Snack
2 oz. Chicken Breast & ½ cup Roasted Red Potatoes
Gourmet Snack
Mini Salad Nicoise – Fresh Tuna over Lettuce, Green Beans, 1 Hard-Boiled Egg White & Boiled Potato pieces (Lemon Juice or Balsamic Vinegar for dressing)
Rapid Results Snack
3 oz. Fresh Tuna & 1 cup Greens
2 oz. Protein A ½ cup Carb A
2 oz. Protein B ½ cup Carb B

DINNER (about 3 hours after snack)
Easy Dinner
2 oz. Chicken Breast, ½ cup Potato & 1 to 2 cups Veggies
Gourmet Dinner
Chicken Breast sautéed in Garlic and White Wine, Steamed Asparagus and Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Rapid Results Dinner
2 to 3 oz. Lean Turkey Breast and ½ cup Grapefruit
2 oz. Protein A ½ cup Carb A 1 to 2 cups Veggie A
2 oz. Protein B ½ cup Carb B 1 to 2 cups Veggie A
1 to 2 oz. Protein C ½ cup Carb A or B 1 to 2 cups Veggie A

PM SNACK (OPTIONAL) (about 2 hours after dinner)
Easy Snack
½ cup Mixed Berries
Gourmet Snack
Cinnamon spiced Peaches
Rapid Results Snack
½ Grapefruit
½ cup Fruit A


Protein A

Fish – Cod, Flounder, Haddock, Orange Roughy, Red Snapper
Fish Steak – Halibut, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Shark
Tuna, Canned – Look for Low salt or no salt

Protein B

Chicken Breast - No skin
Crab or Lobster – Fresh is best
Shrimp – Fresh is best
Turkey Breast – No skin, or ground

Protein C

Beef, Eye of Round
Beef, Ground – Look for leanest possible
Beef, Sirloin Steak
Pork, Lean Chop
Pork, Lean Tenderloin

Vegetables A

Artichokes Celery
Asparagus Cucumbers
Beets Green Beans
Bell Peppers Snow Peas
Bok Choi Spinach
Broccoli Sprouts
Brussel Sprouts Summer Squash
Carrots Tomatoes

Lettuce - pretty much a free amount

Carbs A

Squash – Acorn, Banana, Butternut, Spaghetti
Yam/Sweet Potato

Carbs B

Rice – White or Brown
Rice Noodles
Rice Pasta

Fruit A

Mixed Berries

Fruit B

Bananas Cantaloupe Papaya Plums
Apples Honeydew Pears


I recently have been diag. with Hypothyroidism, and I'm really lost to say the least! i'm taking 2 of these little tablets (Nature-Throid) a day, and have been on them for about a month. I have not felt much difference in my energy levels, the only thing i have noticed is that I'm really emotional.

I'm also having a major problem with the weight situation. I diet very well, and exercise almost daily and can't loose a pound.

If anyone has any websites that has really helpful info could you please post them for me. I'm really in the dark about foods I should or shouldn't eat, any exercises that work better than the others, and It would be nice to know information about the Thyroid in general.

Anyone else taking Nature-Thyroid? Hows it working out for you??


i have also had the hypothyriodism disorder since 2003... And i can not lose a pound.. i have looked at all the diet pills and things like that.They all say don't use if you have a thyroid disorder. i have been on 225 mcg for 6 years now.. SO if you find anything please let me know!


Try a gluten free diet! I am hypothyroid and easily dropped 15 pounds without working out after going gluten free!


I have tried it all and honestly it all worked for me in one way or another. The things that worked the best for me were the 6 week body makeover, Metabolife when it was full of ephedra (boy that stuff rocked), and even Weight Watchers. I did such a great job on that one that I began working for them...but then I had a baby and WW doesn't like mommies to be on the program - I totally agree by the way - so I sorta went off the good girl path and gained a ton of weight again.

Now that Jr. is here, I wanted to try to make a healthy change for me and my family so I went the doctor for help. She gave me Phentremine and a shot in my tail of B12. I have to go back every month for a blood pressure check, a weigh in, and a consult about what I'm eating and how I'm doing. Since March 5 (today is June 17) I have lost 54 pounds on the Phentremine. Granted I had a baby in September but I lost 20 pounds from that from September to February. I'm not saying that "drugs" are for everyone but I have battled with my Thyroid since 97 and this makes me feel like I'm ahead.

If I actually added exercise and MORE water I bet I could kick the last 30 pounds by Aug. Doc says I should average about 2 pounds a week. Totally doable! Anyway, hope I might have helped someone out there with one or more of my ideas. Good luck and say bye bye to hippo hypo!


I have had hypothyroid disease now for about 10 yrs. 2 yrs ago, I decided to start dieting and exercising. It worked. I lost 50+lbs and have kept it off for 2 years. Rule must take in a considerable amount LESS of calories & fat with your thyroid problem. Our metabolisms are terribly sluggish and we must accomodate. Also, EXERCISE...the only way to help promote a healthier metabolism, move your tail!
good luck!