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I'm a day late on my period , I always feel the urge too vomit and I keep having stomach pains , through out this week my nipples have become hard and felt really bruised. Can somebody help me ? Am I pregnant? What's going on?


A delayed period can always be a sign of pregnancy. Pain in the breast and nausea also. But every woman have different symptoms of pregnancy. But don’t forget that premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can give exactly the same symptoms. These symptoms can also change from month to month so it can be that you are experiencing a tough one. But two things can help you try to find out which of the 2 possibilities it is: PMS usually start 2 weeks before your period date, and pregnancy symptoms a little bit latter. And the second and definitive thing you can do: take a pregnancy test, you can do it from the first day of your missed period so you can already do it!