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Every time I'm about to have my period I get sick. I can be sick for weeks, but once my period comes it goes away. I never have a fever, but I'm stuck in bed. I barley eat my depression and anxiety kick in. I never had problems until this past summer when I got my period twice in one month. Now my period is all over the place. It comes and goes in less then a week sometimes. It's stayed for over a month last time. I've been trying to get an appointment with my doctor, but he's always busy.


Hi Brittany

As many as 90% of women experience some symptoms before their period, but many fewer -- 20% or less -- have symptoms severe enough to interfere with normal activities and relationships and be termed PMS.

Whether you have just a few mild symptoms or full-blown PMS, doctors advice: "Make your body as healthy as possible. Try to get exercise every day, especially on the day you get PMS. Drink lots of water so you are not dehydrated. Eat every couple of hours. Stay away from alcohol and caffeine."

From there, he believes in treating individual symptoms. If moodiness is a problem, for instance, he sometimes prescribes calcium supplements.

A high intake of calcium and vitamin D seems to reduce the risk of getting PMS. Women who ate about four servings a day of low-fat milk or dairy foods or fortified orange juice were less likely than those who didn't to develop PMS over the 10-year follow-up.

Some experts have suggested that vitamin D and calcium deficiencies lead to the PMS.

Often, women with more severe premenstrual symptoms report amazing relief when they go on birth control pills. Low doses of antidepressants are sometimes prescribed to improve the mood swings.