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Hiii. I an 18 yr old ..My prd have not come since 5 month ...and I have protection sex....can u tell me wht is the rsn behind this prblm


Hello Payal
Missed periods and irregular periods can be normal in teenagers, but this may be a sign of a reproductive problem, like premature ovarian failure.

If you have at least one period within that three month range, you shouldn’t worry. This can be normal, just a byproduct of your fluctuating hormones. Your menstrual cycle will eventually even out, and you will get a normal cycle (although it may not be the perfect 28 day cycle.)

Reasons You May Miss Your Period When You’re Not Pregnant [Important]

If you are sexually active and you notice something unusual with your menstrual pattern, there is always a chance that you could be pregnant. Condoms are only 99 percent effective. Birth control pills are only effective if you take them on a regular basis. Skipping a pill can put you at risk for pregnancy.

Other reasons you may experience irregular periods, or missed periods, include excessive exercise, birth control pills, stress, and eating disorders.

Excessive Exercise - If you’re an athlete, you may notice a change in your menstrual cycle if you’re training super hard or exercising all the time. Excessive exercise can result in less bleeding, fewer periods a year, or your periods may stop completely. In most cases, your periods will return to normal within months after you stop participating in the strenuous sport.

If your period has stopped completely and it’s been over six months, you need to go see your doctor to rule out any medical problems.

Birth Control Pills – Sometimes, birth control pills are prescribed to help regulate your period. They can, however, cause you to experience a missed period. Hormonal methods of birth control, which contain the hormone progesterone, can cause you to miss your period.

Stress – Whether you’re in middle school or high school, schoolwork can really stress you out, especially if your parents are putting a lot of pressure on you to succeed. Stress is a normal part of life, but a ton of emotional stress can affect your period. Too much stress in your life may cause you to experience missed periods or irregular periods.

Eating Disorders – If you have an eating disorder, like anorexia or bulimia, they can slow down your bodily functions and cause your period to stop completely. Please contact a doctor or reach out to an adult if you have an eating disorder. You can also reach out to me, and I’ll be here to help you through this to the best of my ability.
PMS Symptoms Can Be Similar to Early Pregnancy Symptoms

If you’re a teenager who is sexually active, you must be aware that there is always a chance that you may be pregnant. A missed period is often one of the first signs of pregnancy. Please take a home pregnancy test, if you are ever worried. If you test negative at first, and your period still doesn’t come, take another test in about a week or so.

Always keep in mind, however, that premenstrual (PMS) symptoms can mimic early pregnancy symptoms. Even for the most experienced woman, it can be difficult to distinguish the two. For example, breast tenderness, fatigue, and food cravings are normal PMS symptoms, but they are also pregnancy symptoms. Nausea and vomiting can also affect you when you’re PMSing, and it’s an early pregnancy symptom. Taking a home pregnancy test is the only way for you to tell whether or not you’re pregnant.

Hope this helps. Good luck