Hi, could you help me I am a bit worried im 24 weeks at the moment due on the 8th october. I had unprotected sex with guy 1 on the 17/18th december he did not ejaculate. Guy 2 I had sex with on the 27th and 28th also unprotected bit unsure if he did ejaculate then however I did have what I thought could have been a period on the 30th till possibly the 3rd jan im not hundred percent sure but there was some blood but now I am worried this was implantaion bleeding. When i went to the doctors i explained that i had a period ending on the 3rd and from that I was given the 10th october when i went for 12 week scan i was told 8th october i am unsure who the dad could be now. I had sex another time in january but again im not sure when exactlt it was at the end of the month could I have gotten pregnant this time or from the time previously mentioned.