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I recieve my period the week of October 13th 2014, not sure of the exact date of the week but it lasted for about 4 days. 

the 23rd me and my boyfriend broke up.

the week of the October 27th- 31 had unprotected sex with an ex, im not sure of the exact day, but the next day i took a plan b anyway and did not think about it again.

then November 3rd me and my boyfriend got back toether and had unprotected sex the same night. I did not take any precautions because i did not care. 

The following week November 10th-14th i was suppose to recieve my period sometime. I took a pregnancy test the 14th and it came back postive. I automatically told my boyfriend of 2 years it was his, due to the fact that i spaced the week of the 27th. 

Someone please tell me this baby is in fact my boyfriends. I just realized my mistake and possibility. 


Hi July,

Without accurate dates we can't answer.  Timing wise it could be either male.

Assuming an October 13 start, if you had sex with your boyfriend before the 23rd there is a chance.  The egg is viable for about 48 hours.  So, after about October 31, it's too late. 

Sperm can survive up to about 5 days or so.  You'd normally ovulate between days 11 and 16 of your cycle.

Plan B is NOT as reliable as a daily birth control pill.

You can take a DNA test now.  They use your blood to determine the babies DNA.  Look up "non-invasive" DNA paternity testing.

Good luck.