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Can some one help and advise, i have not been able to push a poo for over a year or 2, and have had to often remove obstruction with manual technique ( wont go into detail)

I have found there is a compartment type area between were my poo will exit before it reaches my bottom hole to come out, so the poo is falling into a cavity and not forcefully through my bottom it then when not out spreads through the cavity and can be compacted if i have a hard poo.

The problem with this is i am not pushing down on to the exit and im pushing on to an area of open space or compacted poo, so making pushing a poo almost imposssible.

I have poo remaning when i wipe and i have noticed i can help the left over poo in this compartment come out by pushing the skin area of the front end of my bottom hole where i can feel the lumps of left over poo, i also have a better poo if i push on thsi area.

i have never thought it to be a problem as i blamed my diet and thought things would improve but having remaining poo when i wipe from where i can not push fully out is now starting to concern me and with this cavity there my diet won't make much difference.


I have the same problem, its really annoying. I have tried drinking loads of water but does not help. Have you found any helpful tips.