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My 2 years old daughter has in the passed to days been having a mucus in her stools. i was just wondering if any one have been through this with there children, and what i should do?


Every mother is concerned about lot of things when her child is in question and checking your daughter’s poo is perfectly normal. By doing this routine check we are learning the habits of our child and after some time we are aware when is our child sick and when we should ignore the signs.  If there is an unusually large amount of mucus in your daughter’s poo it could be caused by a virus.

Often the only symptom of a virus in a baby is a green mucus stool. But there are some other reasons for green mucus stools for example teething. Babies sometimes drool excessively which can cause an increase in saliva, which they often swallow. The saliva can irritate the intestines and this can result in green stools that may contain mucus. If you feel like there is more in your story cosult your doctor just to be sure that everything is fine.