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Hey. I got my tonuge peirced about a month ago, my tonuge stings & there is puss coming out of the hole. I dont know what i should do. Its realy sore


hey Chelsea, I have my tongue pierced, and have for 13 years, so thought I could offer some advice for you. If there is puss coming out then it is infected, and that is your first concern. If your not wanting to take it out then you should get some listerine mouth wash and rinse your mouth out multiple times a day to kill the bacteria. You need to take the bar out when you do this, and do NOT swallow any of the mouthwash. You can also use scope mouthwash if the listerine is to strong for you. I would give it only 3 or 4 days to see improvement, if it isnt getting better then you should remove the bar and let it heal. Good oral hygene is critical when you have a tongue ring. I recomend pushing the bar up and brushing the rod and ball, then pushing it down and brushing the bottom part of the rod and bottom ball every time you brush your teeth. As I mentioned I have had mine pierced for a very long time and have never had an infection, I credit that to very good oral care. Good luck!