I am 33 and have suffered from panic attacks for years. Within the past six months I lost my father to cancer, lost my job and had a devestating misscarriage. Needless to say, my anxiety is through the roof. I constatly battle with pain in my chest, left arm, jaw and abdomen. I would binge drink to take awaybthe pain, but the hangovers made it a hundred times worse. Now for two weeks it has been constant"am Inhaving a heart attack?!" My husband is so loving but i know this is wearing in him so I try to not bring it up or hide it. But its hard when im constantly shaking, sweating, grabbing at my chest and bolting awake in the middle of the night pacing The floor. I dont know if i should just gonthe ER or not bc i cant take it anymore. I am literally sobbing right now bc I dont want to die, even if Im not dying, i have myself convinced. Any words of advice would be incredibly welcome bc i am terrified