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I am 20yrs a male, on my first sex , I never made up to 1 minute in process with a condom and ejaculation had started. I tried to continue with the same come condom on but the enjaculation process became worst and on removing the condom to get another the erection ended for the rest of the time till evening am confused I need help plssss..


Hi guest,

First off, always REPLACE the condom after use.  You ejaculate in it and then you need to change it. 

It is NORMAL for you to not to be able to get erect immediately after ejaculation.  It's called the "refractory period."  Basically, your body needs time to recharge.

How long varies.  Anxiety, probably because you thought there was a problem, can also prevent erection.

You are NORMAL.  Relax.