Hey there ladies i need some help okay so i need to be honest but i dont have regualr period sometimes the 3 the latest has been on the 8th but i have been late till this day i dont get my period. I have been trying for about a year and half and i disnt have no good results i dont want to get my hopes up. Anyways. I first noticed that things where wrong with me i started throwing some weird cleary discharge but it went throw my underwear and yes i have been haveing unprotect sex and always cums in me than i started getting weird cramps but no period and tiny back pains that come and go i felt like throwing up but. It went right back in and when i was haveing sex with my bf and he took his penis out a white discharge was on his penis that i got dizzy once more weird is thst i got the flu out of the no were and ever since i have a stuffy nose every morning i also reamber getting aa fever in the middle of the night with chills lol weird huh.! Ive been expecting my period but nothing happens lol today i just started sore nipples around 6 in the afternoon is it my period coming or can i be pregant?