I need help! I was suppose to get my period around this time and i did get it. I was at work and everything was fine. Around 1:00 pm i came back from lunch and my stomach started cramping uncontrollably. I couldn't even work. So I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and lots of blood just kept coming out. I put a new pad on and continued my work. then i got REALLY hot a dizzy, to the point where I left work and couldn't even drive home. When i finally got home i took two ibuprofens and started to feel better. The cramping was as severe and I wasn't dizzy anymore, but my blood flow was still really heavy, it looked like i was hemorrageing. After a while I was worried because I thought I had miscarried. I don't know if I was pregnant, but I looked up the symptons and I had the SAME ones. Now this morning it was fine, then Now its heavy again. This time when i was peeing, little blood clots came out when i peeped. I usually have heavy periods the 1st three days of my menstrual cycle,but I'm afraid this time i miscarried. Can u help me please? anyone... I'm really worried and my boyfriend would like to know... :'(