Ok in may of this year the 24th i had surgery because i had a tumor on my right kidney,....now the only reason why i found out i had a tumor is because I was having pains in my stomach......now beginning like 2 and a half weeks ago i started throwing up being moody and having headaches and pain in my stomach. Ok the pregnancy topic nothing to do with the beginning but i know pregnant symptoms when i experience them i have a daughter. I have been sick for 2 and a half weeks like every time i eat certain stuff,certain smells i usually come on my period on the 27 in july i came on the 18 for 1 and a half day and i was cramping so the being sick something i neva have when im expecting my cycle really threw me off and then i had really bad pains in my stomach i went to the hospital because i was in serious pain so im thinking tumor or tubal pregancy....i had a blood test and a catscan no tumor no pregnancy so what is the pain coming from then? What im wondering is why am i still throwing up,moody,my breast is killing me on certain days,and terrible headaches outta no where? Is it possible the blood test was wrong, have anyone had anything atleast similar to this or even a little close with the negative blood test but still pregnant.