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i think i could be pregnant, my last period was on the 21st of august. i did have unprotected sex throughout the week after i finished my period. then from then on ive had symptoms, Being bloated and nauseated where ther first two symptoms i could feel. then followed my my nausea to get worse (no throwing up though) and then i got really tired, i had period like cramps which turned into an achy feeling. they went away and came back every so often. i did a test  when my period was 7 days late around the 28th i think, and again on the 10th of october. i also did another yesterday and all where negative. some more symptoms ive had showed up this week, my boobs seem bigger? well feel bigger and started to get alittle sore. i find it uncomfitable to wear my what use to be comfy shorts. im still having sharpish pains in my  legs at the top near my V and my body just feels like a big ache -___- i will be going for a blood test end of this week/early next week. i dont know why i keep having negative tests when im most positive i am pregnant :/ any advice or anything at all would be soooo helpfull, thanks :) 

Edit: also last month instead of my period i had alot of white discharge, like crazyy.... ive also been feeling alittle strange around my waist and stomach.



Im the same as you, i finished my last period on 1st Oct so its to early for my next period but over the last week i have been feeling sick (it comes and goes, never been sick tho) i have a bloated feeling in my stomach and pains and have lower back pain, i took a test a few days ago and it was negative. I have also been having headaches and feel really tired.