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about 3 weeks ago i had sex with my boyfriend, the next day i had bad pain in my stomach, a week later i went to the bathroom to find some blood, but only enough to wipe, i am on the pill and i have been for over 8 years now, and i have never once experienced spotting, after the spotting i felt like c**p i had all the signs on being pregnant, i lost my appitite, and wheni was hungry i felt starving to the point i felt like throwing up, but i havent yet, i had some pain in my breast,stomach pains, back pains , mood swings, smelling things stronger,gassy, bloated, headaches, and i am anemic but i am on some medication to help with it, which does help up until now, i knew i was expecting my period the next week but ive never felt this way before, i was almost positive i was pregnant so i took a test 3 days before my expected period it was negative buti still thought i was pregnant so a day before my period i toook another it was negative, then the morning of my expected period i had the worst cramps and back ache ever never before they had been this bad, my period started out light with not much on my pad, then over hte night it was extremlly heavy when i woke up and all day that day then from the next day it was just strange it would be only showing when i wiped then 2 hours later it would show, it lasted 4 days, as it normally does, i think my period was different but im not sure i dont know if i just think it was since i think i am pregnant. also during my period i didnt feel as sick as i did the week beofre so i figured it was just all in my head, but now its been 4 days since my period and 2 days ago i started feeling the same exact way except today i was gagging over the smell of foods , i really think i am pregnant i took a test today it was negative, i am taking another in the morning, if it is negative i am going ot the doctor to see what is wrong with me, does anybody know what it could be, or if i am really pregnant?


I know this is long overdue but what happened in the end? Im having the exact same problem - negative tests although not convinced...but im actually starting to think its my pill messing with me....ive been on it for 3 years now - so it is strange it is just happening now!