They did ultrasound catscan xrays and lab work and still tell me im healthy and function correctly; taking the meds they gave me and abdominal swelling remains the same; feels like someone is pushing there fist against me trying to escape from the inside out; note; i am a male.any recommendations or info that could possibly help me? worried it may be cancer or something..

No nausea; not vomiting; doctor said slight trace of blood on stool when he stuck his finger up my bum; cold sweats; mild night sweats certainly not drenching just pretty much like normal sweating but only while sleeping; had a small pea sized lump on back of neck that disappeared 2 weeks after appearing; is it possible the lump was a tumor that traveled elsewhere? upper and lower back pains and often neck pains aswell

Had diarrhea but that was due to the antibiotics; stool is beginning to harden now; no pain during urinating; pain doesnt get worse or better after eating; constant dull pain.

Also forgot to mention; sometimes my vision randomly blurs not enough to not see things pretty much like when you focus in on one thing and everything else around it seems less vibrant and visible


This issue has been present maybe 2 weeks and prior to this issue maybe 1 week before i had hurt a loud pop like a gun shot inside my stomach as if something exploded not sure if thats relevant or not.. the very first day the pains came my entire right abdominal was swollen literally an a few centimeters above the left abdominal; hurts when coughing and while taking deep breaths


And yes i know this information is to not be taken over a doctors; going to pcp on the 4th and hope they will help but in the mean time any information for me?