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I fell while walking my dog. She's big and strong and dragged me a bit. Dr. says after xrays I have a fractured humerus. It's more painful than I can tolerate! It hurts to breath! Dr. says it must heal on it's own. Please! If anyone has any advice I could sure use it! I still have to work, and have an annual river trip in 2 weeks. HELP! Thanks! :-@



Well, I think you can forget about that river trip if it's going to involve anything more than sitting and watching the river roll by!

Humerus injuries are commonly associated with injury to one of the large nerves in the arm, called the radial nerve. Injury to this nerve may cause symptoms in the wrist and hand and can present with chronic pain during the healing process. Over 90% of patients with humerus fractures and radial nerve damage will have complete recovery of the nerve within 3 to 4 months.

You can either tough it out, or, as I would do, demand medications to relieve the pain. No one should have to suffer when there are medications to help relieve the pain. Talk to your doctor.