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my GF and I are not having sex but we play........all naked. We get naked and rub and touch and kiss and suck and stuff. I go home after being with her and my balls ache. Its a mile walk from my house to hers and I hurt. I release at home and they feel better, but it is an uncomfortable thing.

We are both pretty shy., I guess..I don't know how to get her to touch me and make me come. I really dont think she knows how. I feel too wierd about jacking off in front of her.......I cant...I feel like a perve...I feel weird just writting it here.

I read stuff on the web that kinda tells me that most guys jack themselves in front of thier women but I am unsure.

Do most guys jack off in front of their girls or what? Do girls laugh at a guy when he does that or do they like it?


..if youre already naked with her, you ought to j/o in front of her  most girls LOVE to watch....who knows? she might help ya get off