Okay, well, im 14, never had a girlfriend, have only a few good friends, but i have 3 girls that i like, 2 are my girl friends that i talk to and stuff, the 3rd is beautiful, but way more popular and like the hottest girl in out school with what the guys think, but she hasnt had a boyfriend for as long as anyone can remember. The 2 girls that are my friends i like also, but not as much as the other girl. I dont really thing i have a chance becasue i am shy and really nervous around girls i like a lot. i just CANT talk to the girl i really like, i can think of everything i like in her, but i just cant talk to her. the other 2 girls i talk to a lot, make them laugh alot, i try to drop hints and hope they do something, i always catch thier eyes, but i have no idea if i really have a chance. they all have way more friends then me, i just sit around my house and play videogames with my friends and listen to country music. Someone please help me, its been 2 years since i have known all 3 of the girls i like; and i know i can only have 1 girlfriend. Is is better to just say "Hi" in the school hallways, or try to catch thier eyes in class, just anything that could help. the girl i like the most, i think she knows i like her, but i screwed up the other year, people were mocking me saying i like her, and i just quickly said no, especially when she is standign right there, but she didnt say anything.