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had mirena coil removed in early may had period late may and nothing since have done 3 pregnancy tests all neg.find this really difficult as trying for baby
having terrible mood swings breast tenderness tiredness bloatness and rapid heart beat since it has been removed what is wrong a i feel my GP is not listening says its normal i dont feel myself what is wrong?



I had my Mirena IUD removed in October of 2008, and we were told by my OB/GYN that it was a side effect of the device in some women to cause moodiness and fatigue, along with slight weight gain. I was going a little bipolarish on my husband all the time and when we had the IUD removed, a LOT of those issues went away. My OB also said that it takes a few months for those hormones to work their way out of your system, so hopefully you're feeling a lot better by now.