I'm 43 years old in 2014 I had a thermal ablation I was good for the first year but afterwards had a bout that I went to the emergency room with lower quadrant pain in an ovary that just was undescribable., spent the night with nothing shown  on sonograms  Etc ..Since then I have had every other month of excruciating pain in my stomach I have had colonoscopies I had a D&C several sonograms that show that there was blood laying in my uterus. After all of the gynecologist gastroenterologist Family Physicians I will be scheduling a hysterectomy in January of 2018 had I known this was what the ablation would be about I probably wouldn't have done it my periods were very heavy but nothing compares to the pain during my cycle that is diarrhea fever bloating gas and just overall pain that I can't even bend over without crying. Hope this helps someone to make a decision while trying to decide on a thermal ablation or not. Just a little side note I'm not sure when my period is supposed to be because I don't have periods however as cyclic as it is has to be do to the blood pooling