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Nausea is a natural reaction of our body that occurs when there are changes in chemicals in our brain. This can occur often when women are pregnant because of the increase in pressure or during times of infections. It is a normal reaction in most cases to warn our body that there is an imbalance that should be changed quickly. 

Unfortunately, this can occur at any age and chronic conditions prevent a more difficult diagnosis than momentary motion sickness in a car or being sick for a few days with the flu. Chronic nausea could be causes by a number of reasons and are easier to diagnose in adults. In pediatric cases, it can be a long process to find the answer to what could be causing this difficult situation. This is a natural point of frustration for parents because not only is their child in a distressed state, they are also forced to accompany them to multiple specialists who may fail to shed light on the pathology that is occurring. 

Some potential causes of nausea that could lead to children becoming sick would be because of exposure to chronic toxins. Older homes built prior to the 1960s may be coated in lead-based paints, have pipes that are corroding or be improperly ventilated making children susceptible to chronic poisoning. Adults may suffer from this eventually but the elderly and children are more likely to show signs of this first. If you have multiple children that are suffering from chronic nausea, it is important to immediately see a toxicologist to make sure that household contaminates can be ruled out. 

In most cases, however, homes will be adequately constructed and all sources of contaminates will be ruled out so children are not nauseous because of these possibilities. Another chronic condition that is still poorly understood in medicine is termed "chronic idiopathic nausea." 

This was once a condition that was termed "psychogenic nausea" and it was felt that anxiety and stress in a child's life was the underlying cause. It will generally present as children having cyclic vomiting where they will be sick multiple times a week but may go a day or two without symptoms. Physicians find that treating these patients with anti-migraine medications or even mild anti-depressants tends to improve the state of the child. We currently believe that it may be due to changing chemicals in the body as children approach puberty but investigations are uncertain if this is the precise cause. [1]

This is a relatively common occurrence and is seen more frequently in adolescent Caucasian females. In one study analyzing the symptoms of this population, 88 percent of patients will have daily symptoms with the majority of symptoms being the most intense right after the child wakes up. There is often an underlying connection between migraines and this nausea. In these patients, 62 percent of cases had migraine head-aches while 71 percent had a family history of migraines. [2]

If this sounds like it could apply to you, make sure that you visit your local neurologist and have all other possibilities ruled out. Once imaging studies and electrolyte panels are found to be normal and toxins are not likely, this chronic nausea could be part of an idiopathic spectrum of nausea linked with migraines. 

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