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Kay, I came on my last period April 9th and went off April 12th and after that me and boyfriend had sex all through spring break which was until April 25th and you can't be pregnant until your egg drops and waits to be fertilized by a man's sperm then it dies within 24 hours so I wasn't worried until the third week which is this week of May. Me and my boyfriend had sex on the April 27th and he came a couple times but everytime he pulled out in time cuz i felt myself and it was dry and nothing leaked out because I walked around for a bit and my BF urinated ALOT and cleaned himself everytime because I made him do it. But today I felt myself and it was a thick and kinda stretchy fluid down there so my question is:

1.) Is that just ovulation fluid?

2.) Or did his cum and my 'wetness' just mix with it and became that stretchy stuff?

(I'm leaning more toward the latter because it makes sense because its been 3 weeks so I'm probably just ovulating but I checked and my period should be due tomorrow or May 6th.)


you should take a pregnacy test