My long term boyfriend and I have had unprotected sex a couple times recently, usually we use a condom, but we ran out and my period was due in 2 days so we had unprotected sex, but only when my period was due soon. A couple weeks ago after my period was finished I was laying in his bed and felt a weird kind of feeling in my cervical area on the right side. It feels like a small rubbing from the inside and when i press my hand down on it I feel it on my hand. It went away and came back today, I asked my mom to feel it and she said you know what that feels like right? And I nodded, because it felt like a baby kicking. The problem is I've been getting my period, and it is regular (Heavy and lasts 6-7 days) I told my mom i really don't think pregnancy is a possibility and she said well look at all the woman on the show I didn't know I was pregnant, you could be like them.. My belly is still small and I haven't seen any changes besides when I get bloated, she suggested I go see a doctor. Personally I just think their muscle spasms because I get them on my arms, on my face and on my legs. And where the feeling is coming from never moves from my right side.BTW: He did not ejaculate inside of me he pulled out when the feeling was coming and jerked off until he came.