i started my period on october 15th and the last day was 18th on october 24th i was having some cramping feeling like i was starting my period cramps. well that day(24th) i had sex that morning around 10am. cramps started around 8am. well the next day saturday the 25th at my neices birthday party i felt a little sick and i had to force myself to eat cuz i didnt feel like eatting which is not like me. well sunday i felt the same. tuesday which was day 14 of my cycle i had sex again. today is nov. the 6th. and for the last 2 or 3 days i have been very hungry but im having pains in my lower belly in between the belly button and where the peub. hair starts. i cant poo. when i do it is painful so i am very constab. and im very sleepy. today my breast have been having little pains almost like someone pinching me or they cold feeling.i have been having more discharge also. could i b pregie. i hope so we have been tring for 7 months now. please help.