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While many women go to the beauty parlor to help uplift there spirits, others go to simply improve on what they were born with. Don’t shrug this off as ‘another article about mud masks’-read on. You won’t believe what people are doing to stay pretty.
Think you’ve heard it all? Well, think again. The pursuit of beauty and youth has always been the driving force behind the cosmetics industry. Some treatments and practices have been around for a bit, while others are still trying to make their way into the mainstream.

Collagen Marshmallows

Many beauty products contain collagen which is supposed to help make your skin softer and more flexible. In turn, this will prevent wrinkles or so experts say. Collagen Marshmallows are now available as tasty way to supplement any other collagen-related beauty regimen. Many women find this a tasty alternative to the collagen supplements that are so readily available these days.

Breast-Enlarging Cookies

Tired of those small B-cups but too broke for a boob job? There is a product out there that may be for you. These breast-enlarging cookies are made in Japan and contain herb that promises to make your breasts larger. F-Cup Cookies was named because of the average Japanese woman’s desire for breast of this size. I don’t know who they surveyed for that information, but in Japan, apparently an F-cup is like an American D-cup.

Snake Venom Facial

A hot trend in Europe is the use of snake venom in a solution used for facials. I have always heard that snake venom is to be avoided, not sought out. Apparently, scientists have found that using the venom works much like Botox. It paralyzes the skin and thus, reduces wrinkles.

Facials with Bird Droppings

Back in the day, Japanese women would use bird poo to make their faces white. With the invention of modern day face makeup, this practice subsided. Well, now, women are using bird droppings for a detoxifying and moisturizing effect. It’s true, this is the latest ingredient of top spas and it isn’t cheap.

Massaging, Pedicuring, and Detoxing

A Snake Massage

In northern Israel, Ada Barak uses snakes on his clients to loosen up muscles and massage away aches and pains. One treatment costs you $70.00 and no poisonous snakes are used. Most of his clients say they enjoy the experience and feel rejuvenated afterwards.

Fish Pedicure

A fish pedicure is all the rage in the European spas. You simply put your feet in a tank of water and the little carp nibble away at any cracked dry skin. What’s more, an enzyme in the fish saliva is thought to heal eczema and psoriasis. Unfortunately for the U.S., doctors worry that these treatments could spread infection so they are banned in several states.

Leech Detox

Before modern medicine, doctors used leeches to suck the blood out of ailing patients to get rid of whatever was causing their illness. Today, many celebrities use leech therapy as a form of detox. Available in Austria, this treatment involves the use of submerging the body in stinging turpentine right before attaching leeches to the skin.