is there a possibility i could be pregnant but pregnancy test arent detecting it ? i had unprotected sex sept. 3rd , 12th , and 23rd. and he ejaculated all three times multiple times... i got off the pill sept. 3rd nd i had a normal due period 5th-10th but i had another case of bleeding 21-22 nd the two days after where pink spotting. then come around oct 9-13 i had a normal period but every since then i have been feeling naseua , contipation , tiredness , dizziness , and sore nipples and i also had a dark line going up from my pelvic bone to my belly button it wasnt noticable till last month. now its november and i am a week late for a period i took a pregnancy test but it came negative do you think im pregnant but my body doesnt know it. is it a possibility ?