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I have a cyst like formation under the arms. It is around 1cm in diameter. This is the third time Iam getting this. I went to the doctor first time when it came. I was suggested to take some pain killers(Combiflame) after the conformation that I dont have any cyst in the breast. In next two days it went off. But in another 2 months Iam getting the same problem again. Now my question is, Is this cyst like formation is an indication for any other problems? If so is there any treatement that I have to undergo? How should I avoid this? Also Iam working in an IT Company. Is this is due to my continues work sitting before the computer?


Hi, I was wondering if you ever still have a problem with the cyst? I have had a cyst on the underside of my left arm close to the elbow since I was born. Its only in the last couple of years that it has got bigger and last night it was sore to touch. Is it possible to get an operation to have it removed?


John (34)