Sub : Gingival formation on Gums

I am writing this for my Wife.

She have Gingival formation in her mouth. since age of 12th she have started bleeding from her Gums. it happened 3 times before marriage at an intervel of 2-3 years. she got married to me on age 22 and there was little bleeding from her gums below right bottom tooth. Due to small bleeding we dont take lots of care. But she havign some problems with the order of her tooth. it was changing and fall a gap with tooth. We dont take much care on this matter at this time

Later she got pregnant, on her third month, there started some growth on her gums, right side. and on her 6th the growth started swelling and bleeding. Uncontrollable bleeding. and she admired to hospital in Intensive care.

Upon doctors results, He said it was Gingival formation and it went so bad due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy. And this growth have affected her bones and upper part of her neck. As a part of treatment he have taken 3 tooth and took gums infected which was a long term process to control bleeding and she was pregnant too.

After this, there was no severe bleeding. But the issue still exist. This formation damaged her right side tooth. Now the tooth she have is disabled and she cant use her right bottom part. Now she have no growth, but her right bottom guys looks like swelled and have small controllable bleeding.

I would like to know is this a severe problem?
How it can be treated? What all are the causes?
How can we solve this issue?
What all precautions we need to take?
Is there any information more needed?

Please help me. I love her lot.

Thanks in advance.