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Went to my surgeon today after being referred by a doctor, he said it was most likely a sebaceous cyst.

About a week and a half ago i squeezed the cyst and i felt it squirt into the skin on my neck. Nothing surfaced.

I am wondering if the pain around the cyst is normal, since rupturing the cyst may have inflamed the area?

The area of pain stretches from the cyst to about an inch left and right of it, and about an inch below it.

is this normal?


Squeezing the cyst is not an option. It is not a good option! You can get infected or it can lead to blood poisoning if a liquid came in the contact with your blood. Pain is never normal. You really should go to your doctor and ask him about sebaceous cyst on face treatment. Small cysts are typically not painful, but the large cysts can range from uncomfortable to considerably painful. Large cysts on the face and neck may cause pressure and pain, just like in your case. Don't squeeze it, don't touch it. After squeezing it, did you went to see your doctor? Do you use any antibacterial creams?