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Ok i had my birth control removed on 10/22/15 (implanon) i had it for 4 yr in. 3Yr n 1yr expired i didn't had insurance to take it out. Ok so i got my period on the 3rd or 4th day. It lasted about 5 days. Ever since then me n my husband have had unprotected sex. So a week later i started feeling all this symptoms. Hungry , nauseous, tiered, n lower abdominal pain wt cramping n my mods changed.. so i bought ovulation kit tested on 11/4 came out neg . Tested again on 11/6 came out posi. So we have sex for 5 days straight know .. so i work as a CNA when i lift my patients i get nauseous n lower abdominal pain. So i took a pregnancy test on 11/10/15 bc i had all this symptoms n now my lower abdominal feels swollen came out neg. Could it b to soon to tell im pregnant or whats wrong with me?


Hi Isa,

I am having the same problems as you! except no positive hpt's. I had my implant removed on the 16th Oct 2015, however i am not sure when to expect my first period, or when i have ovulated? I had a normal 28 day cycle before using implanon.