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The last 3 days solid, I've been having bad menstrual cramp which I don't usually experience until day 2 of my period. I am not due for another 11 days based on a 31 day cycle. 
I have a 14 month old son, so I know the signs to look out for, but is it all in my head?

I have every symptom under the sun. Nausea throughout the day, frequent urination without drinking much fluid, headaches, bad lower back pain, sense of smell is sensitive, feeling pregnant, lower abdominal cramp, odd cravings, fatigue, bleeding gums, snuffly nose, colostrum/milk from my boobs (I haven't brest fed in 8 months)

As odd as it may sound, my son (14 month old) has been acting very clingy/cuddly, wanting to climb all over me like he can sense something. Also hes been fully walking for 6 months now and has all of a sudden started crawling ALOT lately??

I did a hcg test yesterday, showed up negative. Did I test to early?

I noticed & found out I was pregnant with my son when I was 3 weeks along.
After 1 negative blood test, they tested me 2 days later and it was positive. I am unsure if thats what is happening this time & I am very sensitive to pregnancy

We have been trying for the last 6 months to fall pregnant again & have got my hopes up and been disappointed so many times.

Has anyone else had this or been through any similar situations?? Please help me, im going crazy waiting!!


Im so scared, nervous, excited at the same time its killing me!