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So my periods are very regular every 23 days very heavy bad cramps moody and they last 7 to8 days. I had a normal period in aug but shortly after started to feel extra bloated, very very emotional, my lower back was achey, nauseous off and on through out the day, nose bleeds a couple of times, urinating what feels every 10 seconds. Sept came i had a normal period but my other symptoms were getting worse so i took a hpt and it was negative so i went to the dr. neg also. Now we're in oct alol the same symptoms but now my clothes are fighting unconfotably tight my period was a day late and light bleeding no cramps and it only lasted 2.5 days. I took 2 hpt still negative so once again i went to the dr and neg. I dont know what is going on. I already have a child who will be 7 yrs old soon so i dont remember to much when it comes to the symptoms i felt with him. Could it still be to early for the pregnancy to show up on a test? Could my HcG levels just be to low? If anyone has answers please help!!!

PS: I have no medical insurance so i cant just go to the dr's office. I've been going to planned parenthood.


Hi Already,

It is possible that the HPT's just aren't working for you. It does happen sometimes.

When you are using the HPT's, are you using your FIRST morning urine? It is more concentrated so more likely to show a pregnancy earlier. It's not quantity you need, it's the concentration.

A blood test would confirm if you are pregnant.

Try another test.