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hello, im 17 and today i noticed i had alot off red bumps around my vagina area its not on the vagina its like on the crease between my thigh and vagina i have had genital warts in the past and they've been treated and have all gone, and i know what they look like so i know its not that, i also do shave alot ddowwn there because im very sexually active with my boyfriend, it does get quite sore after shaveing. at the moment ive ut some nappy rash cream everywhere down there! im just wondering if anyone has any ideas what it might be and if i should see a doctor. thankyou.  


thats the same with me! its like loads! and looks like pimples! its really weird! im hopping its just a shavers rash and it will just go away with abit off moisturizer but its just ugly and irrataiting me! ????