My urethral pain started one year ago, straight after i was in very bad stress. At the beginning I was even bleeding after passing urine, but a doctor didn't find stones or cystitis in a hospital so sent me back home. Doctors that I have visited, made numbers of testing on chlamydia, indeed i didn't have anything like that. At home i researched some further information about urethral pain and I think that one of the main causes may be acidity. Acidity causes hyper secretion of hydrochloric acid (solution of hydrogen chloride (HCl) found in gastric acid and we know that when someone is in stress the stomach is suffering on the first place. Few months later of the constant urethral pain I began to have prolonged heartburn after most of foods i ate, because my stomach was weakened. The hydrochloric acid is very corrosive,strong mineral acid and if we have the hyper secretion of it, it should be contained in our urine and harms urethra walls what is the reason of frequent pain. The worse problem is that the stress isn't the only cause of the Acidity.