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Hey! I'm Emily. I'm 15 and I have no previous health problems (unless you count being born a premie twin). Two days ago, I got an awkward feeling, a "light" feeling on my lower ribcage on my left side. Now it's like a vibrating twitch and it only lasts a few seconds. It usually has no pain, but now it does occasionally (a mild stabbing). Sometimes it spreads to my belly button area and from there to my left side.

My stomach is bloated, and I've been thinking I was constipated so I took cetrucel (fiber with 8 oz. water)and that hasn't helped. It made my stomach uncomfortably full and painful. When I drink water, it 'fills' up my stomach. I get overly full, like indegestion full. I wasn't hungry then, but I am sort-of now. I'm snacking on some grapes now. The twitching and 'full stomach' syndrome is very uncomfortable. I haven't had any bowl movements today, except for a VERY small amount of diarrhea. Yesterday I had two bowel movements. Because of this, I only got 1 hr of sleep last night... I couldn't get comfortable.

What's wrong with me? When will it pass? What can I do to get this pain to go away?


Hi Emily, I'm not totally sure what it is but if you are having stomach pain like that I think it would be a good idea to see a doctor about it because it could be something serious. I'm NOT saying it is! But it could be, and that's why it's worth a look. What do you think?


Sounds like a small bump in the road, like a small impaction of fecal matter. I had the same exact thing and a colonic took it all away.

Okay, here's the deal on fiber. Soluble fiber, no matter what kind, is going to dissolve with water in your stomach and make a putty with it. I've had soluble fiber leave my body in a colonic as a paste that just clogged my colon. Fiber is not what you may need now. You are dry and constipated. Your colon doesn't need to be clogged with putty.

Well, the fiber is working it seems. It doesn't increase the gas that you have packed in your GI tract, which is probably the reason why. Grapes? Sugar is gas-producing. You have too much gas. The gas is expanding your stomach, causing pain. It's also passing through your colon and wreaking havoc in there.

Here's my personal test to get to the bottom of things:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar (sugar-free, raw)--if some mixed in water calms your stomach, you have low HCl production.

2. If Magnesium Citrate calms your stomach, you have too much HCL.

If either of these does the trick, then you know whether or not your stomach is too acidic or not acidic enough.

Water hurts? You just gave us your problem. Water has a pH of 7. You haven't even enough HCl to process the water! The Apple Cider Vinegar has a pH in the range of 3. If some of the vinegar mixed with water doesn't hurt your tummy, but plain water does, then you are in need of stomach acid. It's very common for HCl levels to decline. Betaine Hcl or the vinegar stuff with meals is a good way to start. If the opposite (too much acid), then Magnesium powder will take care of the other side.

If you have allergies to aspergillus or fruit yeast, then the vinegar has to go. I started SLOWLY before getting my pains under control.

Betaine Hcl does it for me whenever I have a food pain attack.


anebt, if it were an impaction, my understanding is that a colonic would not remove that. An impaction in the colon would cause an infection. Am I misreading what you mean by impaction or did you mean something else by it? Please let me know what you mean. Thanks!