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  i could really use some help on this "problem" i might be having... i had noticed resently these tiny little red dots on the head of my penis im not sure how long they been there but i just noticed them. they dont itch or anything bc i am in the woods quite often and i thought it might be poisin ivy but iv had poisin ivy before and the dots are too spread out to be so.  iv looked up alot of things and some things i can relate to. like i do masterbate, i dont have alot of sex but at least once a week with my girlfriend and shes the only girl iv had sex with sence iv been with her. im more or so scared that it could be herpies bc my brother had recently been diagnosed but im not sure if it can be catched unless through intercourse. well long story short i just need some ideas on what it could be



-scared guy




You better to go for a doctor I feel.