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Hi i have a question because I'm freanking out that i might have an std or something . 1 day ago i had unprotected sexual sex next day i woke up and notice tiny red dots on my penis head. I've been worring that it could be something very serious. It was my first sexual encounter I'm 20 year old and I'm uncircumsed. i haven't felt any other symptom since they appered over night.


It’s pretty  normal to have some minor skin irritation or a rash after sex because of the friction. It’s unlikely you would show symptoms of an STD the morning after having unprotected sex, but of course it’s a good idea to get it checked out to be sure – you don’t want to pass anything on to your next partner, either. You can deal with the rash – if it’s only a rash from irritation – by applying a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). It’s a good idea for all sexually active men to take this step, because it can help to protect the skin and prevent chafing, drying, cracked-looking skin and a number of other skin conditions.